THC Cypher Rap Lyrics

THC Cypher Rap Lyrics

Singer : Emiway Bantai ft. Hadika

from the Movie Latest Hindi Rap, sung by Emiway Bantai. The song is composed by Flamboy and the lyrics are penned by Emiway Bantai. Discover more , , songs lyrics...

THC Cypher Rap Song Lyrics from Latest Hindi Rap sung by Emiway Bantai. Learn, THC Cypher Rap Song Lyrics meaning in English/Hindi

Song : THC Cypher (Freeverse 2021)
Singer: Emiway Bantai, Minta, Hellac, Meme Machine, Stony Psyko, Dopedaddy
Lyrics: Emiway Bantai, Minta, Hellac, Meme Machine, Stony Psyko, Dopedaddy
Music : Flamboy
Cast : Emiway Bantai, Minta, Hellac, Meme Machine, Stony Psyko, Dopedaddy
Lable : Bantai Records

THC Cypher Rap Song Lyrics

What Is Up, What Is Up
Kya Bolte Sab Log
Kya Chaluye
Emiway Bantai Maalum Hai Na
THC Cypher, Bantai Records
EM 24/7, Dopeadelicz
Freeverse 2021
Tayar Hai Ki Nai Public?

I Didn’t Do Phd But Listen To My Prophecy
Everything Stony Touches Turns Into A Masterpiece
Listen My Lyrics And Do The Research
All The Haters Who Messed With Me Now Rest In Peace
We Takin Over Like Khaled

Don’t Bring Your Fake Talks To My Table
I Heard Your Songs And Now My Ears Bleeding
You Told The People To Scream And
No One Even Whisperеd
You’ll Faint The Day You’ll Come To My Show

Freeversе Sequal Bars Are Too Fatal
Get Your Security If You Wanna Play Safer
Danger Zone, If You Are Afraid, Go Back Home
Winters Coming Freezing Flow
Smoking Like I’m In Colorado

Better Know It, Better Understand It, Put It In Your Head
Dropping Different Types Of Songs And Take Away The Show
Make The People Go Crazy, We Don’t Need Luck To Do This
You Awakened The Sleeping Lion In Me

You Bought Up Unnecessary Problems To The Table
There Is No Space To Talk About Peace Now
All This Childish Behaviour Ain’t Gonna Work With Me
All Those People Who Laughed At Us
Insulted Us Now Zipped Their Mouth

We Grew Up With Our Own Talent
Not With The Help Of Money
Go Tell ’em We’re Back Like Kabali
All The Way Up Ain’t Nobody Can Bring Us Down
Even If You Take Avatars You Can’t Destruct Me

You Cannot Control Me With Your Magic And Tricks
I Don’t Know What’s Mercy After Getting Into The Game
Don’t Put Your Legs In Without Knowing The Depth
You May Lose Your Life

We Break The Rules And We Bringing The Change Man
Revolutionary Mind With The Game Plan
Me And You We Not The Same Bro
I’m High As A Eagle And You Just A Scarecrow

Livin’ Like Rockstar
Did A Flick With Da Superstar
Never Thought I Would Get This Far
Hard Work Makes It Possible
Still Grindin’ Didn’t Take A Pause
Saved The Game Like Autobots
Sign Turned Into Autograph
Now They Wanna Click A Photograph

Leke Mathe Chalein Maut
Tera Toh Delicate Zone
Pehle Ke Songs Sunengein Lagenge Bomb
Lagta Hai Hum Pehle Se Strom
Lagta Hai Hum Pehle Se Strong
Bombay Khoon Apna Tera Toh Delhi Ka Zone

Likhne Nai Ho Raha Hai Toh
Le Aake Mere Se Loan H E Double L A C
Apan Shot Deta Sar Pe
Yeh Nakali Rappers Aake Dete
Raaz Duniya Bhar Ke
Machate Huye Dikhte
Hum Bande Hai Sadak ke
Yeh Bhumrah Hum Yuraj
Chhe Ball Pe Chhe Chakke
Jidar Khot Nazar Aaye Waise
Shot Mein Main Ghusta Nai
Bachhakana Rona Nahi Bhav Deri Bachhkani
Rap Game Mein Uncle Log
Swag Inpe Jachhta Nai
Banta Tu Bajirao Gayab Your Mastani

Sasta Nai Tere Jaisa Main
Meharbani Mat Kar
Bantai Ki Public Se
Chedkani Mat Kar
Kiya Toh Phir Dekhega Bura
Parina Sadak Ke Saare
Pareshan Aaye Kidar Se
City Ka Naam Kalyan

Daru Peeke Direct Ghar Pe De Gali
Maar Itna Jor Se Ki Sune Puri Chali
Suit Mein Aaya Business Karne Wala Mavali
Jeb Puri Bharli Par Tera Dimag Khali
Biwi Ko Chhod Ke Line Mare Saali Pe
Tuhi Asli Mard Hai Issi Bat Pe Taali De

Thali De, Tere Ghar Mein Khana Nai
Chaldiye Jo Ek Baar Phir Wapas Aana Nai
Bahar Fattu Ghar Pe Bana Phire Tees Mar
Nawabi Shaukh Aur Salary Hai 20 Hazar

Armani Cop Kare Pop Fir Yeh Saari Raat
Mangalein Chai Lagegi Yeh Khaari Baat
Saari Raat Apan Studio Mein
Dhyan Mera Kaam Pe Nahi Kudiyo Pe
Tappu Head Le Raha Hai Gudiyo Se
Mm Mm Sab Record Hora Video Pe

Mi Marathi Rapper Shabdancha Jadoogar
Karto Mi Je Karu Shakat Nai Koni Pan
THC Cypher Aaikun Hoshil Tu Bhand
Minta Ahe Majha Naav Ho Aata Baju Chal
Shot Deto Timer Var Baghat Nai Kon Samor
Nakali Khote Diss Aaikun Jhalo Mi Ahe Bor
Industry Che Kalakaar Sarv Ahe Imandar
Family Business Banun Malak Banlay Chor
Mantri Banle Je Nahi Shikle Shala

Safed Khadi Chya Aat Paisa Ahe Kala
Jaati Chya Navavar Raj Karan Kashala
News Channel Var Dakhvtat Extra Masala
Chai Chya Tapri Var Karycho Jams
Desh Bharatun Antophill La Bhetayla Aale Fans
Kela Hard Work Nahi Kel Mi Plans
Vision Hoti Manat Fakt Bolnar Mi Facts

Majhya Sobat Sarwa Self Made
Tujhe Gang Members Hot Rahtat Change
Gaan Fekun Marto Tujhya Tondavar
Ye Bantai Ki Public Staright On The Face

Koi Jode Hath, Koi Khole Hath
Koi Tode Hath, Koi Chhode Saath
Koi Bole Baat, Koi Tole Maal
Koi Sotein Na, Koi Dhote Paap
Koi Pohchein Last, Koi Dhoke Baaj
Koi Roke Bahar, Koi Ponchein Aankh

Koi Chote Kam, Koi Mote Saand
Koi Gote Jam, Koi Roke Saans
Koi Fode Kaanch, Koi Dost Hai Hard
Koi Hote Smart, Koi Hote Tras
Koi Hote Paas, Koi Jo Le Saath
Koi Khole Heart, Koi Khole Raaz

24 Ki Umar Mein Business Class Emirates
Aur Yeh Uss Umar Mein Khel Rahe The Gully Mein
25 Ki Umar Mein Ghar Walo Ko Gift Bheje
Aur Yeh Tabh Uda Rahe The Apne Baap Ke Paise

Wahi Sacha Yar, Wahi Sacha Yaad
Wahi Bache Aaj, Sahi Bachhe Aaj
Nai Palte Baat, Nai Achhe Dag
Nai Karte Maaf, Yahi Karte Hisab
Nai Halke Bars, Yahi Dalte Gaad
Yahi Dalte Gaad

Yo Makale

Westcoast City Don’t Tremble When You Her The Code
Storytelling About My Hood Thru Rap
Our Culture Grew In The Journey Of Music
You Know What, We Made It To The Top
My Growth Is Like The Buildings Of Dubai
Everyday Happiness, We Create Records

North, East, South, West If We All Come Together
Ain’t Nobody Can Stop Us
You Thought It Was An Illegal Land
But Now When Say Dharavi You Hear
Hip Hop Beats Banging

It Was All Different In The Past But
Now Its Top Notch, Cause Its Our Time
This Is Not Fire In The Booth
It Fire In The Streets
You Will Automatically Burn
Into Ashes If You Fronting Us
This Is Not Gang, This Is Fam
Don’t Make Any Assumptions

You Can Go Ask People Who
We Are In This Mumbai City
You’ll Get Tripped Out When You Hear It
If You Blaze My Joint You’ll Get Super Stoned
Daddy Style, Game Level Up

2021 Mapul Wait And Watch The Trip
Taking Different Avatars And Writing New History
Our Army Always Looks Different From Others
Taking Different Avatars And Writing New History
Our Army Always Looks Different From Others

Bantai And Mapul We They Get Together
Music Blast Like Nuclear
Why You Want Problems Brother
Listen To Mapul Be Free And Don’t Bother
Haa, One Way, My Way, Run Way
A Lotta People Returned Back And Went Home
You All Are Just Running In Circles
If You Dare Then Step Into This Game
All My Homies Are Too Close

We Create Big Scene In All The States
Do Not Bring Unwanted Problems To Me
We Won’t Just Kill The Beat But Also Kill You
Mapulz In The City On A Different Level
Put Your Hands In The Air, People’s Power
You Can Keep Your Foolish Talks
And Fake Flex With You
Tell Him Mapulz Are Here He’ll
Shut The Fuck Up And Get The Fuck Out

Emiway Bantai
Maalum Hai Na
Sunn, Haa

Jise Tod Na Tha Tod Diya
Chhod Na Tha Chhod Diya
Gaana Leke Aaya Aur Tu
Rap Karna Chhod Diya
Aaja Jod Doon Main
Tod Doon Fod Doon
Indian Hip Hop Represent
Karne Ko Apna Pin Code Doon
37 Kya, Tera Mera Kya
Aaya Hai Duniya Mein
Fokat Mein Upar Jane Ka Paisa Lega Kya
Mehnga Kya Jab Sapne Pure
Hone Lagte Hai Rehega Kya
Ghar Ke Baju Kude Kachre Fenke Hai

Yeh Kuch Nahi Dekhe Hai
Dusaro ke Baat Pe Behke Hai
Fenke Hai Maine Kitne Gaane
Tabh Jake Yaha Baithe Hai
Chal Baithe Reh
Teri Taraf Se Lete Reh
Main Meri Taraf Se Dete Rahunga
Teri Taraf Se Lete Reh, Chal

7 Saal Hua Game Mein
Kabhi Nahi Chuka Mera Aim Mein
Baki Yeh Rapper Log Bhot Entertainment
Mere Se Lele Be Thoda Sa Training
Gaane Pe Gaane Har Mausam Mein Raining
Inki Toh Faati Padi Kyun Ki Main Thing
Emiway Aaya Hai Scene Mein
Bad Mein Fir Bhi Pura Scene Hai
Hath Mein Inke Baap Mein Intna
Dam Nahi Ke Views Mere Paar Kare

Tere Aise Kitte Rappers Darwaje Ke
Bahar Khade, Mange Mujhse Fame
Khudka Banav Why You Playing Lame
Bhai Tera Brock Lesener
Here Comes Tha Pain

Apan Hakk Se Bole
Apan Yaha Khud Ke Dam Se
Bhid Gaya Toh Kutta Bana Dete
Bhai Kasam Se Public Janti Hai Lala
Apan Konse Kadam Pe Hai
MS Dhoni Wicket Keeping Seedha
Gul Karte Stump Hai
Pump Hai Body Mein Sirf Lean
Dost Bane Bhai Log
Yeh Bhai Log Ka Team
Dere Dailouge Ka Deal
Apni Batchit Hai Stright Forward
Chal Be Namkeen

Raatein Rangin Teri Agli Ko Puch
Apan Bolte Nahi Kuch
Apan Bolte Nahi Kuch, Yeah

THC Cypher, Dopeadelicz
Bantai Records
Y’all Already Know
Maalum Hai Na
Kya Bolte, Ek Number
Shout to Each and Evryone
Bhot Bhaari, Yeah
Peace Out!

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