Satinder Sartaaj

Artist Biography

Satinder Pal Singh, popularly known as Satinder Sartaaj, is an Indian singer, songwriter, actor and poet of Punjabi language films and songs. He gained fame with his song “Udaarian”. Since then he has performed across the world. He made his film debut as Maharaja Duleep Singh in The Black Prince in 2017.

Sartaaj was born in the village of Bajrawar in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. He attended school at the government elementary school in his village. While in the third standard, he began performing in local Bal Sabhas.

Sartaaj pursued a professional music career in his 20s. Prior to this, he has stated he was a farmer and had no interest in pursuing a career as a performer.

His big performance break was in 2008 when he got booked for a gig in Toronto, Ontario. The show’s organizers had heard him singing on YouTube and wanted him to perform for the Punjabi-Canadian audience.

In 2011, Sartaaj won “Best International Act” at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards.

On 2 May 2014, Sartaaj performed in the Royal Albert Hall. He won “Best Songwriter” again at BAMA 2017 and “Music Video of the Year” at BAMA 2018 for “Udaarian”.

He debuted in the American film industry with the lead role in movie The Black Prince, a historic biopic of Maharaja Duleep Singh which was released on 21 July 2017.


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