Kaifi Khalil – Kahani Suno – Kana Yaari

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Talented Pakistani singer-songwriter Kaifi Khalil rose to fame with his hit songs “Kahani Suno” and “Kana Yaari.” Born in the city of Lyari, Karachi on September 2, 1996 (age 26), Kaifi faced a challenging upbringing, working at construction sites to support his family. Despite these difficulties, his talent was eventually discovered by music producer Zulfi who gave him his first big break in the music industry by offering to record “Kana Yaari.” The song became a huge success and was premiered on CokeStudio 16.

Known for his powerful lyrics and emotional ballads, Kaifi’s music speaks to the universal human experience and has struck a chord with audiences across the globe.


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Kaifi Khalil