Raat Akeli Hai is a 2020 Indian crime drama film directed by Honey Trehan.

Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Shweta Tripathi, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Nishant Dahiya, Gyanendra Tripathi, Ila Arun, Swanand Kirkire, Nitesh Kumar Tiwari and Aditya Srivastava, the film follows a small-town cop who is summoned to investigate the death of a elderly family member.Produced by Abhishek Chaubey and Ronnie Screwvala, Raat Akeli Hai was released on Netflix on 31 July 2020.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Radhika Apte
Shweta Tripathi
Tigmanshu Dhulia
Shivani Raghuvanshi
Aditya Srivastava
Nishant Dahiya
Padmavati Rao
Ila Arun
Swanand Kirkire
Nitesh Kumar
Riya Shukla

Directed: Honey Trehan
Produced: Abhishek Chaubey, Ronnie Screwvala
Written: Smita Singh



The film begins with a vehicle being trailed by a truck and truck hits the vehicle. The vehicle flips over. A man lands and ruthlessly slaughters both the driver and the woman who were in the vehicle. Executioner takes the bodies to an industrial facility and consumes them with corrosive. At the same time, he coincidentally gets corrosive spilled on his hand. The titles roll.

5 years Later, Inspector Jatil Yadav is seen going to the wedding of his associate Narendra Singh where his mom is frantically looking for a young lady to set him up with for marriage. Jatil is perturbed and humiliated and surges his mom home to stay away from further obstructions into his own life. While eating a dinner, Jatil gets called up by the SSP to research a prominent homicide of a rich blue-blood named Raghuveer Singh. Jatil discovers that Raghuveer was killed by his own firearm on his wedding night and is additionally fascinated by the family’s quiet and absence of information on the issue. Something appears to be fishy. Would it be able to be an insider work? Jatil Yadav is first acquainted with the family by Ramesh Chauhan, sibling of Raghuveer Singh’s first spouse . Individuals from Raghuveer’s family incorporate his 2 youngsters – Karuna Singh (girl of Raghuveer Singh) and Karan (child of Raghuveer Singh), Chunni (the servant of the house), Pramila Singh (spouse of Raghuveer Singh’s sibling and Raghuveer Singh’s sister-in-law), Vasudha and Vikram Singh (girl and child of Pramila), Ravi Sisodia – the unpredictable husband of Karuna and Radha – the youthful lady of Raghuveer Singh. Beginning the cross examination, it is uncovered to Jatil that Vikram was the first to find Raghuveer’s dead body. According to Vikram’s story, he went to drop his life partner (little girl of the infamous MLA Munna Raja) at around 9:30 and returned around 11:15 and afterward took the women of the house to a sanctuary at 12:30 after which he says that he saw his uncle Raghuveer dead. He likewise says that there was baraat crossing before the house at 10:30. Jatil inevitably gets some answers concerning back steps which associates straightforwardly to a water tank and thinks about whether that course was utilized to complete any hokey business. During Jatil’s examination, he starts to address Radha. Jatil builds up a delicate corner for her as something discloses to him that she is being made a substitute by Raghuveer’s family. Radha is dealt with like a pariah and prostitute by the family who loathes her. After first declining to coordinate, Radha remembers something that interfaces her to Jatil and gives the chit to Chunni to go to Jatil. On the chit, the location of Radha is composed and he particularly recalls that he had spared Radha 5 years sooner, when she endeavored self destruction by hopping off a train. This further persuades Radha is a guiltless and genuinely upset young lady who is getting trapped in the crossfire of what is by all accounts forming into a deceptive plot. Further during his examination, Jatil discovers that Raghuveer’s first spouse was executed during a theft when she was returning from Gwalior towards Kanpur. In any case, what is actually a theft or a heartless homicide? Jatil needs to discover. Jatil additionally discovers that Raghuveer’s child Karan had once been captured with drugs. Jatil understands that there’s something else entirely to Raghuveer’s convoluted family than what meets the eye.

Following Day, during the examination, Jatil discovers sexual magazines in Raghuveer’s organizer and some photographs of ladies and plastic dab beneath the bed. He additionally discovers that Radha was sold by her dad and one of the photographs is of Radha with a wounded back which he discovered before. Radha keeps on abstaining to advise anything to Jatil. Afterward, Munna Raja comes in after Ravi Sisodia calls him in light of Jatil’s straightforward examination style. While exploring the estate, Jatil likewise recognizes a decrepit old woman who was before the servant of house. The old servant’s child was the driver when Raghuveer’s first spouse was coming back from Gwalior to Kanpur and she is grandma of Chunni. Jatil keeps on researching. Crime scene investigation disclose to Jatil that Raghuveer was killed somewhere in the range of 10pm and 12pm with his own firearm and gruff imprints were expected to in light of the fact that he was hit by knob of a similar weapon. Telephone records uncover that Vikram got a call from his uncle at 11:30 and many calls from an obscure number which is of Radha. No fingerprints were found on weapon just as from the Raghuveer’s telephone. During cross examination with Chunni he discovers she was the person who took the light up to Raghuveer’s room and returned with the light which separated on the steps. She additionally shuns telling anything other than she tells he was unable to try and see her dad who kicked the bucket in that street mishap and case got shut. Jatil begins examining the passing of Raghuveer’s first spouse and her driver, and finds that another city’s police had revealed a comparative vehicle and it was recorded as attempt at manslaughter case, driving him to tannery in Jajmau; which is controlled by a butcher yet initially claimed by Munna Raja.

Further examination with family uncovers that Karuna doesn’t care for her auntie and her cousin’s impedance since they are continually eyeballing her. Afterward, Jatil finds a clinical report and toward the beginning of the day Chunni is discovered dead close to the back steps. He later battles with Narendra his partner and straightforwardly tells the SSP that he will discover reality. Later he is assaulted by the goons and calls Narendra for help however he disregards him yet he discloses to him that he is going to capture Radha, he quickly illuminates Radha to run yet before she can flee Ravi pursues her and she secures herself a room yet Jatil comes so as to remove her yet goons keep on pursuing them, they get the train and obscure to them one of the goons additionally gets the train. later in the night Radha awakens to see Jatil missing she takes her blade with her, she discovers Jatil being assaulted by the Butcher working for Munna Raja, Both overwhelm him to toss him out of the train. the two of them arrive at Raghuveer’s Gwalior farmhouse. During this Narendra Singh is researching the homicide of Chunni and crime scene investigation informs him regarding the dead skin found in her fingernails prompting man with consumed skin, he makes the report and goes to SSP however he sees the man having fingernail marks on consumed hand in the workplace of SSP with Munna Raja. He goes to Chunni’s grandma and shows her the photograph of the man. Additionally he educates him pretty much all regarding this to Jatil, however meanwhile he finds a dupatta in Radha’s sack having a similar dab he discovered before, he stands up to her that she was in reality in the room and she lied, she admits that she and Vikram engaged in extramarital relations and intended to abscond with Vikram yet he didn’t as he wanted to wed MLA’s little girl, seeing this she got irate and called Vikram to come and talk, he returned as soon he dropped his life partner and stopped the card and without anybody seeing took the back steps and faced Radha. As she going to go into the space to enlighten Raghuveer concerning the issue, lights went out, she comes clean and Chunni comes higher up with the light, as power returns they all discover Raghuveer effectively dead, Vikram advises her to go ground floor and then Vikram advises Chunni to approach his cell from Raghuveer’s telephone. After this while returning she drops the light on the steps and Vikram takes the backstairs and by principle entryway he requests that the ladies come to go for the sanctuary. Later Jatil calls SSP that he has made Radha give up in another police headquarters.

Jatil opens the clinical report and finds the clinical report under the name of Raghuveer’s first spouse and report was of fetus removal, and premature birth was done one day before the mishap. He enquires about it from her sibling Ramesh who discloses to him that she was here with him as Karan got Malaria however left out of nowhere to Kanpur yet when he asked on the telephone he told he heard horns of the train yet repudiating to this she was going via vehicle. He likewise enquired the overseer of the farmhouse who advised that she requested him to call at whatever point Raghuveer accompanied another lady. Exploring the farmhouse he finds similar sensual magazines, Polaroid photographs, Polaroid camera and an identification of a life experience school. He visits the fetus removal facility too and watches the wedding video, as well. He comes to realize that Radha is being taken by police under the extension on the sets of SSP. As Radha is being taken by Narendra Singh under the scaffold a similar van comes who were pursuing Jatil with the butcher in it, he comes out and review the van as he opens the van to take out Radha, Jatil who from the beginning was going with her come out and assault bringing about cross-terminating in which Radha gets harmed however butcher departures, when butcher arrives at his house Chunni’s grandma returns from and tosses oil onto him and consumes him alive.

In the peak, Radha accompanies Jatil in the cabin with everybody present he begins to come clean, He stands up to Ravi Sisodia first that he is one who offered medications to Karan and later the school got him and Raghuveer rescued him. It was in actuality the butcher who executed both Raghuveer’s first spouse and driver and consumed the bodies in the tannery on the sets of Munna Raja. Mrs. Raghuveer was warned by the guardian about a female whom Raghuveer acquired the farmhouse. On peeping through a window, Mrs. Raghuveer discovers the lady is as a matter of fact Vasudha, Pramila’s girl. Vasudha was explicitly manhandled commonly by her uncle Raghuveer who took unreasonable photographs of her and had intercourse with her. Because of Vasudha’s fetus removal, she was ousted from school. On sixteenth Chunni recorded a missing report for her dad (the driver who was killed with Mrs. Raghuveer during their decisive vehicle ride once again from Kanpur). The case got shut without due examination. It is uncovered that Vasudha slaughtered her uncle since when she defied him with reality, he excused her cases and offended her and requested that her murder herself. Angrily, Vasudha she takes out his weapon and shoot him point clear. Afterward, Vasudha takes out her dupatta and places it in the Radha’s pack. The difference in dupatta is seen by Jatil in the wedding video while he is looking over the recording for signs. It is additionally uncovered that Mrs Raghuveer had called Pramila to educate her regarding the way that her little girl Vasudha was in effect explicitly manhandled by her better half Raghuveer. After the fact of the matter is imparted to Pramila, she is stunned however utilizes the chance to cover reality. Mrs. Raghuveer was initially going to return to her sibling’s home however Pramila asks herto return to Kanpur. Meanwhile, Pramila connects in urgency to Munna Raja (the nearby MLA and companion of the family) and clues at slaughtering Mrs. Raghuveer who in on course back to Kanpur. She is worried about the possibility that that Mrs. Raghuveer will remove them from their property to evade any discussion. Pramila utilizes the chance to expedite an arrangement with Raghuveer to get an a lot of the property moved on her child Vikram’s name so she is paid for her endeavors while supporting the family. Munna Raja is uncovered to have purchased Radha from his dad for Raghuveer to assuage his sexual wants. Subsequent to being stood up to with reality, her child Vikram avoids her in appall. Karuna cries in dismay. Karan is missing from the scene. Vasudha is heartbroken and in stun that her mom attempted to spare her culprit. Pramila executes herself to hide any hint of failure. During Pramila’s incineration, Vasudha comes clean with Jatil.

Jatil returns to his ordinary existence with his mom who is dead set on finding an appropriate counterpart for him so he can get hitched. He finds Radha’s train and unpretentiously requests that her go through her time on earth with him, which she shly acknowledges when the two of them impractically knock heads with one another.

Release year : 2020
Starcast : Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte
Music director(s) : Karan Kulkarni
Director : Honey Trehan
Producer(s) : Abhishek Chaubey

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