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Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Asha Parekh
Director: Mohan Sehgal
Producer(s): Kiron Production
Music Director(s): Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal, Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi
Lyricist(s): Hasrat Jaipuri, Gopaldas Saxena (Neeraj)
Composer(s): Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal, Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi

Kanyadaan (Daughter’s Marriage) is a 1968 Hindi social romantic drama film directed by Mohan Sehgal.The film was produced by Rajendra Bhatia for Kiron Productions.The story and screenplay was written by Bhakri with dialogue by Sarshar Sailani and director of photography was K. H. Kapadia.The music direction was by Shankar Jaikishan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri and Gopaldas Neeraj. The film starred Asha Parekh, Shashi Kapoor, Om Prakash, Achala Sachdev, Dilip Raj and Sayeeda Khan.

The plot revolved around the social issue of child marriage. Rekha and Amar are married off as children, they grow up to fall in love with different people and are ultimately not accepting the marriage performed in childhood.

Release year : 1968
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