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Hum Toh Tere Aashiq Hai’ is the mild-hearted comedy about a husband, spouse and the neighbors’ wife. The brand new show being a serial, the plot revolves around two nuclear household viz. Pushkar-Shalu & Sangram-Kaveri. Pushkar, an elite expert works with a splendor products organization; his spouse Shalini is a health freak & conducts Zumba classes.
The serial indicates each man’s thinking of a perfect spouse and occasionally you have to find the right features of one’s personal spouse, then finding the ones in other’s spouse. She imposes her Zumba & health advice on Pushkar & he’s irritated of this. However, Sangram is rustic & is the owner of the unique vegetable store. His pretty spouse cooks amazingly well and lives an easy lifestyle. She definitely is a ‘Pativrata’. Whilst, the girls are engrossed in their day by day workouts, Pushkar & Sangram are trying to impress Kaveri & Shalu respectively. It has an ensemble cast of comedy actors Prasad Oak and Pushkar Shrotri along with Dipti Ketkar and Madhavi Nemkar gambling their respective better halves. ‘Dekhani Bayako Dusryachi’
(Fairest spouse is always others) is the well-known Marathi phrase. The same emotions of every man could be portrayed in an amusing manner in this Marathi serial on Zee Marathi. The serial replaced the serial ‘Naktichya Lagnala Yayach Haan’.

Release year : 2017
Starcast : Dipti Ketkar, Madhavi Kulkarni, Prasad Oak, Pushkar Shrotri
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